Always Be Prepared to Make a Defense!

The scriptures command us to be ready to give a defense of our Christian faith:

         1 Peter 3:15b - Always be prepared to give an answer [“make a defense”, NAS] to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.

         Concerning this verse, John Brown says, “The importance of an accurate and extensive knowledge of the evidence of Christianity can scarcely be overrated . . .it is of vital importance to the Christian’s peace and nourishment.” (John Brown’s Commentary on 1Peter, Volume 2, p. 93)

There are two books that I have found to be very helpful in "making a defense" of Christianity:

The Case for Christ

By Lee Strobel

 Copyright 1998


The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict

By Josh McDowell 

Copyright 1999


Virtually all of the material dealing with this topic on this website has been taken from the information presented in these two books. In fact, the major titles used in addressing this topic on this website were taken from the Case for Christ book. But there is a great deal more information in these books that is not presented on this site. I highly recommend that you purchase your own copy of each of these books and read them. They are very helpful!

Topics Addressed on this Site

        The Documentary Evidence

       Were Jesus’ Biographies (the Gospels) Reliably Preserved for Us?

        The Corroborating Evidence

       Is There Credible Evidence for Jesus Outside the New Testament?

        The Identity Evidence

       Who Did Jesus Claim to Be?

        The Fingerprint Evidence

       Did Jesus – and Jesus Alone – Match the Identity of the Messiah?

        Evidence for the Resurrection

       Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?