Natural Selection?

Natural Selection is not the same as Evolution - Information on “Natural Selection is not the same as Evolution” taken from Carl Wieland’s booklet, Stones and Bones, 1994, p. 18-20

n  Just as someone who breeds dogs (or anything else) can only work with the information that is already there, so it is with the process of natural selection.

n  In fact, starting with a short breed of dogs (rather than a breed that has a mixture of tall and short types) no amount of breeding and selection will produce a tall variety, because some of the “tall” information has been lost in that population.

n  “Nature” can “select” some and reject others – that is, in a given environment, some will be more likely to survive and pass on information than others.

n  Natural selection can favor some information over others, and can cause some of the information to be lost, but it cannot create any new information.