Uses of the Word Evolution
“Evolution” is used to describe at least four different ideas, only one of which is scientific.
Science - Systematized knowledge derived from observation, study, etc. (Webster’s Dictionary)



Religious Idea (not observable):

Cosmic evolution - the universe (stars, planets, and earth) came from a Big Bang



Religious Idea (not observable):
1.Organic evolution - The first living cell came from non-living chemicals .


Religious Idea (not observable):

"Goo-to-You" evolution - All living things evolved over millions of generations from a single living cell.



Scientific Idea (observable):
Variation Within a Kind - Variations and changes occur within each “kind” of animal or plant. Some refer to this as “Micro-evolution”. This is the only kind of “evolution” that has ever been observed.

By mixing religious evolutionary philosophy with science, evolutionists are able to poison the minds of the general populace with their philosophy - even though their philosophy is not based on science. This is analogous to the way that we are able to kill rats - by mixing a little bit of rat poison on with good rat food. The rats are attracted to the food, ingest the poison and die.


Creation and Evolution
Two Irreconcilable Religious Views
The universe is eternal.
Only God is eternal.
Reality consists only of that which is observable.
There is a whole realm of reality that cannot be seen.
The order that we observe in the universe around us is the result of impersonal forces acting over long periods of time.
The order that we observe in the universe around us is the result of an all-knowing, all-powerful God who designed and created it.
The stars and planets and even the earth itself are the result of gradual cosmic processes that happened over long periods of time without purpose.
God purposefully created the sun, moon and stars, as well as the earth for our benefit and His glory.

Life came from non-life by impersonal random processes acting over long periods of time.

God created life.

All life as we know it descended from a common primitive ancestor.

God directly created each kind of living thing and caused each living thing to reproduce “after its own kind”.
Man is just another kind of animal and has no more significance than  an ant or an elephant.
Man was made in the “image of God” and is special.
The universe is evolving into a better place.
The universe started off “good” and has gotten worse.
The earth and the universe is billions of years old, life is millions of years old.
The heavens and the earth and all that is in them were created in six days, thousands (not millions or billions) of years ago.


What about Theistic Evolution?
Why couldn’t God have used evolutionary processes to create?

         Evolution was devised as a way of explaining how the Universe got here without God.

         Contrary to what many would have you believe, there are huge scientific problems with the theory of evolution.

         Evolutionary theory conflicts with what the Bible clearly teaches at many points.